That’s the sensation of pure water. This kind of water feels lighter and tasteless, because its minerals that gave the taste to the water is disappeared.

Mineral water contains mineral. If there is a electrolysis tester to the mineral water, it will form sediment. Its color are brown, green or black. Depends what kind of mineral. While pure water does not contain anything. So when, you tested it, it won’t form any sediment.

Yes. Water as the base material of Cleo is taken from a water source which is then processed through a hyper membrane filter and ozonization. 0.0001 micron hyperfiltration technology serves to filter out the particles such as toxic chemicals, heavy metals, microorganisms, pollutants, bacteria and germs that can interfere with organ performance and metabolism in the long term.

Of course. All drinking water contain oxygen. But, if means product that have more oxygen, Cleo is not like that. Highly oxygenated water obtained through oxygen injection. The result is, when you drink it, it’s refreshing. But the oxygen also easy to vaporize, if the cap is open too long. Even you closed it tight, the oxygen will drastically decreasing. Once you open it, you should drink it all. But we do not drink to get oxygen, do we? Everyone knows, breathing is more effective to get oxygen, than drink. And it’s free.

Cleo processed through technology hyper membrane filter 0.0001 micron with full quality control on every inorganic minerals that ensures titiknya and microorganismsfiltered to the maximum. Their packaging made from plastic without any mixture or recycling.
The content of oxygen-stable balanced, so it won't evaporate even though the lid open for long.
The process of making the international standard AS/NZS ISO 22000:2005. Cleo was the first to receive this certificate in Indonesia.

There are 330 ml bottle, 550 ml bottle, and 1200 ml. For gallon, there are 6 liter and 19 liter. There’s also cup package 250 ml.

It’s easy. You just need to take 20 gallon and your residences in delivery area. For more information, please contact our Call Center at 0800-111-2536 (toll free).

Gallon Cleo always protected with hygienic plastic. If there’s something happen, you can submit your complain directly to our agent, store, or contact us at Cleo 0800 - 111 - 2536